Your Life Is Still Under Construction...
    “With GOD All Things
    Are Possible” 



    A miracle waits to be born for you —- the miracle of true personal happiness!

    When you have prayed “believe that you have received it.”  

    Believe with all your heart that God will do as you ask.

    Believe it just as much as you believe any promise which God has made.

    God will “look out for something for you” only in a bigger and grander way!

    Rest your spirit as well as your body. 

    In time of stress, if you can, go to some quiet place of beauty and rest.

    Go to a quiet woodland glade or a lovely church if possible.

    But if you can go to neither, go to your room and shut yourself in.

    Turn your thoughts inward by shutting the world out.

    Believe in God’s love and you will believe in yourself. 

    Believe in yourself and you will believe in your work.

    Believe in your work and you will be happy and

    prosperous — prosperous in the truest sense of the word!


    Believe In Miracles